Miro Wheels

Our company has been distributing and promoting aftermarket wheels since 1995.  Back then we were known as ALT Wheels.  Driven by passion and desire, we strive to not only serve the car enthusiast community, but to also help growing it by providing a wide range of tuning wheels at reasonable prices.  ALT Wheels has earned itself quite a reputation among car tuners and was considered a pioneer in the wheel industry.  The wheel industry has been evolving in the past two decades.  New technologies and new way of seeing things demand a transformation of the existing company. In 2006 our new brand MiRO Wheels was formed in order to adapt the ever changing market. Our style has been refined, our manufacturing method has been improved, what remained unchanged is our spirits of serving the tuning community. Our Wheels are manufactured to meet stringent quality standards.  Each model is designed with performance enhancement in mind, and precise fitment is always guaranteed.  Our 21+ years of experience and expertise are definitely something you can rely on. Think premium quality wheels, think MiRO.

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