ASR x AP Racing Big Brake Kit 299mm

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The ASR 11.75" Big Brake Kit (BBK) will offer a wide array of benefits, while shaving roughly 8 lbs. of unsprung weight per corner on your Civic or Integra be it for street or racing purposes.


2 - AP Racing CP8350 Caliper (custom machined)

2 - AP Racing CP3862 Disc

2 - Caliper Mounting Brackets

2 - ASR Aluminum Rotor Hat

4 - 17mm Mounting Bolts

4 - ARP Studs

4 - ARP Stud Nuts

2 - 3mm 4x100mm Rotor Spacers 

16 - Rotor Bolt

16 - Rotor Nut

32 - Rotor Washer

*Note: New brake pads and brake lines are not included. Original brake lines and OEM replacement lines can be used. New crush washers suggested. 

  • Designed for fitment on 4x100 Honda/Acura knuckle assemblies w/ 10.2" and 11" (Type-R) sized ABS brake system
  • Fitment on the smaller 4x100 9.2" brake system (non-ABS) knuckle assemblies is not compatible
  • Vehicles with factory 9.2" brake knuckle assemblies will need to be upgrade to an ABS knuckle assembly in order to be compatible with this brake kit.

Compatible Vehicles:

  • 90-91 Civic EX
  • 89-91 Civic/CRX SiR  (JDM)
  • 93-95 Civic EX w/ABS
  • 94-95 Civic Si HB w/ABS
  • 93-97 Delsol models w/ABS
  • 96-00 Civic EX w/ABS
  • 99-00 Civic Si
  • 90-93 Integra (all models)
  • 94-01 Integra (all models)

The included hub spacers are for 4x100 applications only. They are placed onto the face of the wheel hub and get sandwiched behind the rotor hat, effectively re-correcting and centering the AP Racing rotor within the AP Racing caliper. The reason behind these spacers is because of slight hub offset variances between 4x100 and 5x114 wheel hubs (5x114 hubs are 3mm wider than 4x100 hubs thus affecting 4x100 rotor-to-caliper alignment) .


5x114 Compatible Vehicle Applications:

  • Any 92-00 Civic or 90-01 Integra with a JDM Type-R 5 lug conversion
  • 97-01 JDM DC2 Integra Type-R
  • 06-11 Civic Si (8th gen civic)
  • 12+ Civic Si (9th gen civic)