Ballade Sports Adjustable Rear Toe Arms Pillow Ball 00-09 Honda S2000

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Replaces the OEM rear control arm for a greater range of adjustment. Also reduces bump steer by correcting the angle of pivot at the rear hub for lowered vehicles. Adjustable shims correct for various ride heights. Fits all S2000 model years. 6061 Aluminum and 304 Stainless Steel construction.

1. The pillow balls eliminate the unwanted angle change and produces direct steering feel and greater stability.

2. Rod end rubber boot coverings to protect the pillow balls from dust/dirt increasing the service life.  Estimated 5 years before servicing.

3. An adjustable end shaft provides freedom to control the bump steer. A lowered S2000 distorts the position of the control arms and invites frequent bump steer from unwanted toe movement. With this product, you can restore the control arm position to horizontal and reduces the bump steer.

4. Adjusting the length of the control arm, you can set the best camber angle for your S2000. The set includes a left & right rear control arms.