Hybrid Racing Detent Springs B/K Series

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Transmission detent springs offer an increase in the preload and 80% stiffer spring rate over the factory parts which aids the transmission gear selector fork. Upgrading these springs will make your gear engagements a bit sharper since they replace the soft OEM ones.

• More than 80% stiffer spring rate than stock.
• Stronger springs offer direct gear engagement
• Black Zinc Chromate plated for durability
• Suitable for all cars (street and race)
• Combine with gear selector springs for amazing shifts

Most Honda Manual Transmissions Only

Honda B-Series FWD, F-Series FWD (F20/F22A) & H-Series will use only two of the three included springs.

Honda B-Series AWD, Honda K-Series FWD & AWD, Honda D-Series 96-00 ONLY will use all three springs.

Not suitable for the following:

2016+ Honda Civic K-Series or L-Series (10th Gen Civics)
Honda J-Series Transmissions (V6)
Honda Fit / CR-Z (L-Series)
Honda Civic 06-15 R-Series

Cancer & Reproductive Harm