Hybrid Racing K-Swap Half Size Radiator

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Each K-Series swap radiator was carefully designed by Hybrid Racing to take into account both the chassis' dimensions and mounting points, as well as the K-Series' motor's coolant inlet and outlet. These radiators simplify the K-Series engine swap by eliminating the need for custom mounting brackets and by providing a guaranteed fit for your specific swap. Includes bracket & Cap

All Hybrid Racing radiators feature dual core, all-aluminum construction with high-precision TIG welds. This radiator integrates the necessary ports for the Coolant Temperature Sending Unit and the Fan Switch, eliminating the need for special adapters and inserts.

  • Bolt in K-Swap Radiator for your Civic!
  • Integrated bungs to mount coolant temperature sending unit and fan switch.
  • Hybrid Racing Radiator cap included.
  • Dual Core Construction.
  • This unit is compatible with the Hybrid Racing conversion AC kit!
  • We recommend using two high speed ten-inch cooling fans