Hybrid Racing K-Swap Radiator Hoses

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Hybrid Racing has designed radiator hoses specifically for those customers performing a K-Swap that want a clean and organized engine bay. The kit is designed to route the upper hose under your cold air intake improving the engine bays looks and minimizing unneeded bends. All of the inlets and outlets are the correct sizes and we paid extra attention to preventing interference with the transmission counter weights. The hoses were created to work with both the Hybrid Racing bolt in radiators as well as your OEM radiator (as long as you relocated it).

These high-quality radiator hoses are the last you’ll ever need. Made with multi-layer fiberglass reinforced silicone and finished with a durable silicone outer layer, they’re pressure and temperature resistant from -165° to 350°F. These are the perfect K-Swap hoses, eliminating interference and keeping everything clean. 

  • K-Swaps using K20A/A2/A3/Z1 or K20Z3/K24 engines.