K-Tuned 72mm Throttle Body with IACV and MAP

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  •  Bolt Pattern - RBC/RRC. Fit any cable driven k-swap car with RBC/RRC manifold (or same bolt pattern aftermarket). 


*This will not fit on DBW cars like 2006+ Civic

*Must Use K-Series MAP sensor and IACV. The add on is only for TPS application. No Sensors are included

72mm is the largest you can open an RBC without breaking through. The OEM K-Series MAP sensor and IACV are both a direct bolt on, with the ports located on the bottom of the TB, where they are out of view for a cleaner look. Like our other throttle body you are able to change the adapter easily to change the TPS sensor from K-TPS to B-TPS. Please note that the 5V signal range of both TPS sensors is identical so this option offers even more choice on the final intake setup.