Mine's Double Carbon Rear Wing Cover GTR - R35

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The collaboration with Mooncraft has evolved our well reviewed Carbon Rear Wing Cover to this new model of our product. The improvements in aerodynamics have produced a 150% increase in downforce compared to our original rear wing cover. We found that by using the double wing structure with a 10mm space in-between the wings increased downforce. With the first wing being set in a higher position compared to before, the wind coming from the roof down to the trunk is pulled upwards. This plays a very important factor in efficiently taking advantage of the moment to control air flow.
The driver will be able to feel the difference around speeds above 100 km/h and the effects will really come to life at speeds above 200 km/h. With the increase in cornering speed, effectively countering hydroplaning, and securing the drivers rear view the GT-R's fighting capabilities will definitely increase with the use of this product.

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