ASR CR-V Lift Spacer

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The ASR CR-V lift spacer kit raises the ride height of your vehicle for better ground clearance/stance. This product is not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing as can be expected from every ASR product. Lift spacers are designed, tested and CNC Machined in the U.S.A. 

Installation of this product is very simple when compared to our competitors. Other lift spacers require a 90 degree "clocking" of the top hat which means you need more than a simple socket set to install. With our lift spacer no clocking is needed. Simply remove your shock assembly, slide the lift spacer over the oem top hat studs, use the supplied coupling nuts to tighten the spacer to the top hat, thread the supplied studs into the coupling nut and use your oem 14mm nuts to install your shock assembly back into your vehicle.

There are two size options that can be chosen; the 1.5" and the 2". The lift spacers can be used interchangeably as for the front and rear top hats are identical. This means that it does not matter where the larger or smaller one is placed (front or rear), it is entirely up to the user to determine what combination is chosen.

Here is some combination suggestions:

Type Front  Rear
Leveling Kit NONE 1.5"
Level Lift 1.5" 2"
Negative Rake Lift (Front pointed up) 2" 1.5"
Positive Rake Lift (Front pointed down) NONE 2"


The 2.0" lift spacers are for the REAR only.

- When adding a REAR lift spacer ONLY the front still slightly lifts.


Pair (X")
2 - Lift Spacers

4 - Coupling Nuts

4 - Studs

Set of 4 (X" & X")
4 - Lift Spacers

8 - Coupling Nuts

8 - Studs


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