Hybrid Racing Z3 K Series Swap Short Shifter Box Assembly

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Hybrid Racing created the only bolt-in solution for k-swaps using the Z3 transmission from the 8th generation Civic Si’s. The Hybrid Racing bolt-in Short Shifter mounts to your chassis using (4) M8 bolts. Two bolts utilize the stock bolt holes behind the stock shifter location, and four holes must be drilled in the center tunnel for the other two bolts (no drilling is required if you are replacing a Karcepts shifter adapter plate). The drilled holes are located under the center console cover so that they are hidden once the shifter is installed. A rubber seal is provided with each shifter to help seal the cabin from noise, heat, and debris under the car.
  • Utilize stock K20Z3 transmission and stock shifter cables.
  • NO CUTTING or random parts to buy.
  • Hundreds of adjustable positions.
  • Stainless steel & aluminum construction.