Hybrid Racing Short Shifter 00-09 S2000

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We approached this project with an open mind and a blank sheet of paper. By understanding how the OEM shifter assembly functions, we tested different materials and shapes of the main shifter shaft. We then designed a completely new main cup section machined from durable PTFE. This incredibly durable material allows the shifter ball to slide freely while withstanding high temperatures. 

The lower section proved to be the most challenging part as it is connected directly to the transmission shift rods & forks. After many tests and trials, we developed an innovative solution that combines different materials to dampen and reduce unwanted noise and vibrations. Our proprietary VDC lower cup improves the overall feel and prevents the shifter from transmitting extreme forms of NVH into the cabin. 

Our 3D CNC machining processes ensure these parts are created to exact tolerances and are designed to work together. We include high-quality high-temperature grease, which plays a vital role in the overall smoothness of this product. 
  • Up to 25% Shorter throw
  • Adjustable knob position (360*)
  • PTFE Main Cups
  • Proprietary VDC lower cup
  • Stainless steel center shaft
  • High-quality anodized finish
  • Includes 110mm stainless steel shift rod