Hybrid Racing Short Shifter 12-15 Civic / Civic Si

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Hybrid Racing has once again outdone itself and created the short shifter assembly for the 2012-15 Honda Civic and Civic Si. Similar to the current line of shifters Hybrid didn't cut any corners. Adjustments are a breeze and allow for you to tune your shifter to your specific needs. With just the turn of a single 5mm Allen wrench, you can adjust your shift knob to be 2" taller or the same as stock. With the same Allen wrench, you can adjust the knob position, bringing it closer to or further from the steering wheel, meaning you can shift quickly and keep your hands on the wheel. This shifter can reduce shift throw anywhere from 35% to 50% (below stock throw). Gate spacing (left-right shifter motion) is also adjustable from 10% to 35% shorter than stock. If you like short throws and wide gates, long throws and narrow gates, or any other combination, you can custom tailor it to your liking.

  • Internal Spring Design for smooth shifting
  • 35%-50% Adjustable shift throw
  • 10%-35% Adjustable gate spacing
  • Adjustable knob height
  • Adjustable knob position (360*)
  • Four link wishbone design
  • Stainless steel bearings
  • Rigid powder-coated steel frame
  • Includes 140mm stainless steel shift rod

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